Virtual Wedding Rescheduling Support Group

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So you were planning your wedding and there was a world wide pandemic that canceled everything…now what? You are scrambling to figure out what to do. Postpone? Cancel? Reduce guest count? What do all your vendor contracts say? There is so much uncertainty you don’t know which way to turn. You talk to your family, they are great, but they just don’t get it. You talk to your fiance but how much is too much? You talk to your bridesmaids…but they have their own problems right now. You join a Facebook Group, but it’s overwhelming.

I (Maggie Heely, owner of Weekend Wedding Warrior) am actually also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters degree from Northwestern University. Couples who are rescheduling their weddings are going through a lot of stress and grief currently. Sure there are bigger problems in the world, but this is big in your world. I want to provide a safe space for people to come together to talk about their experiences and make some friends who “get it”. Sometimes you don’t want someone to fix your problem, you just need to know someone else understands your problem and that you aren’t crazy. You aren’t crazy. This is a lot. Let’s hang out and talk about it.

Wednesdays @ 5pm starting May 20th via Google Meet

To sign up please fill out this Google Form

Free to all; you don’t have to be a Weekend Wedding Warrior client. Suggested weekly donation of $15 Venmo @Maggie-Heely … but really, no worries, we all have stressors currently, and I’ll just be glad if you are there.

All the best,

Maggie Heely, Owner

Weekend Wedding Warrior

6 Dates for Quarantine

We are all spending lots of extra time with our significant others right now. But is it “quality time”??

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Here are six fun, low-key, (mostly) at-home date activities to try out when you’re craving some intentional quality time with your partner:

  • Create the ultimate movie/Netflix-binge experience. Well, let’s be real. We’ve probably all been doing our share of this lately. But think of how you could make it fun, special, or different. Maybe you make it a theme night. My family and I have being doing “Family Movie Nights” and ordering take-out that goes along with the movie and eating it picnic style on the floor of the living room. Subtract the kiddos and this would be a great date night 😉
  • Give an in-depth lesson. Take turns teaching each other about one of your favorite subjects or hobbies. Keep in mind that the “learner’s” engagement is key to making this fun. Recently my husband taught me how to use a power tool to help with a backyard project.
  • Have a picnic – whether it’s in your backyard or your bedroom. Cook or order in your favorite meal or build an appetizer tray from whatever is in your pantry. Make it feel special by dressing up a bit and playing some music for ambience. We love going to Cherokee park and find a spot on the lawn for picnic (just watch out for the ants)!
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset. Grab some coffee or a nightcap and scope out a spot with a view (even if it’s just the bay window of your living room). Reflect on the day ahead or behind you after enjoying nature’s colorful show. Share three things you’re feeling grateful for.
  • Take a hike. In most areas, outdoor activities are still encouraged as long as you practice social distancing. Scout out a park or hiking/walking trails near you and throw on your comfy shoes. Enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. My husband and I have our best talks while we are hiking.
  • Exchange gifts. This probably sounds like an odd one, especially if you don’t have a gifting occasion coming up – although do you really need one? You’re probably not going to go out shopping for one either. Here’s where the fun comes in! Create a gift out of things you already have around the house, hiding in a closet, or a box of old memorabilia in the basement. The thought- and creativity- is what really counts here.

Reference: Prepare Enrich Blog

Wedding Rescheduling Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic

We know you have so many questions and worries. We put together a Rescheduling Guide for our April & May 2020 Couples….then we realized this could help so many other Couples as well. Here are our suggestions on how to go about rescheduling, if you need it.

Step 1: Gather all of your vendor contracts in one place. We love using Google Drive for this. Read through and highlight the rescheduling sections of your contracts so that you are up to date. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator make sure they have a copy of your contracts and/or share your Google Drive folder with them.

Step 2: Contact your venue(s). Venues are being inundated with calls and emails in regards to rescheduling. They are doing their best to take each case on a first come first serve basis. Email (for written proof if needed) your venue(s) to get an understanding of what dates they currently have available and if they are holding dates for potential rescheduling. I strongly recommend that you inquire about and consider NON-Saturday options if you are wanting to have your wedding in 2020. 

Step 3: Contact your vendors. For ease I suggest you send your vendors 1 email, CCing all of them, with the Subject being “Your Last Names Rescheduling”. The more we can consolidate emails to vendors the better. Let them know you are rescheduling (or considering it) and that you are looking for their upcoming availability. We love Google Sheets for this. Put all of the Dates your venue has offered you on one axis and the vendor categories on the other axis. All of the Vendors can fill in their individual columns and you can align their availability quickly. 

Google Sheets Example (ask each vendor to put an “X” on the dates they are available):

Step 4: Pick a date and notify your vendors IN WRITING that you have chosen a new date. If that vendor is not available, you will likely not get your deposit back. In that case, you can take that up with that specific vendor, but please note the majority of your vendors are small businesses and they are under great financial stress during this uncertain time (as I know are you!).

Step 5: Have a glass of wine…haha, but really make sure you are taking care of yourself and your relationship. This is a stressful time for us all. You and your fiance need to have time together where the wedding is not discussed. Take care of your relationship first and your wedding second. 

Also, here is a great article from one of my old professors at Northwestern on how to keep your relationship strong if you are both stuck at home together for an extended period of time:

Sending you lots of love and good health, 

Maggie Heely, Owner

Weekend Wedding Warrior

Owner, Maggie Heely, was honored to be asked to do a LIVE Instagram feed helping to answer all your Wedding Rescheduling…

Posted by Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wedding Planning Checklist


We have been working hard this fall to create a “How To” guide on working with Weekend Wedding Warrior. We truly see our relationships with our clients as partnerships. Our motto is, “You plan it, We make it Happen!” Without our clients’ excellent planning, we can’t make it happen perfectly. Therefore, we created a guide on how to plan your wedding and where we will fit in along the way. This extensive guide will be available to all our 2018 couples (and beyond!).

In the process, we partnered with Riley & Ko. to create this Wedding Planning Checklist to help get you started. We hope it’s helpful to know what you should expect to do when! We tried looking online for a guide that we thought was awesome, but they all fell short…so we made our own!


Voice Tribune Feature – Kaleighn and David LaBore

Kaleigh & David’s wedding was featured in the Voice Tribune! You can read the whole article here,

Here is my favorite part 🙂

She thanks her wedding planner, Debbie Saag from Weekend Wedding Warriors, for having the day go off without a hitch. “She was absolutely 100 percent incredible, the lifesaver of the wedding,” Kaleighn says gratefully. “She’s somebody who is on the same wavelength as me, and she just made it happen.”

Eloped in Louisville

Alexis and I go way back. Like we went to camp together when we were in 7 years old in East Aurora, NY, way back. When we were in our 20’s we were on a professional dance team together (Go Buffalo Bandettes!). We always kept in touch, but kids and life (she lives in Buffalo, NY and I, of course, in Louisville, KY) definitely get in the way. So when she text me out of the blue on a Monday night in early January, I was surprised to hear from her! The conversation went like this (pardon the swearing!):

Reminder this is Monday night. That night they booked a flight to Louisville for Thursday night. Neither of them had been to Louisville, but they wanted to get married quickly and didn’t have the documents that were needed to get married in NY and in KY it is surprisingly easy to get married! So my mission was clear: pull off a wedding starting Tuesday morning that would happen Friday afternoon…and make Louisville lovers out of these two!

The abbreviated version of the story is that Louisville has such an amazing community of wedding/event vendors. I was amazed and delighted that everyone I reached out to was willing and able to help!

Natalia with Chocolate Box Photography jumped on as the photographer

The Embassy Suites Downtown Louisville gave a great room rate and indoor courtyard for the ceremony

In Bloom Again said “no problem” when not only did I want them to make a bouquet and boutonniere, but they had to include the couples favorite flower (which are totally out of season), peonies.

Brendan’s Catch 23 reserved a private dining space just for the couple, on a Friday night.

Modern Trousseau Louisville, not only found Alexis her dream dress, but somehow it fit perfectly (I drove Alexis to try it on 3 hours before the ceremony!). Wo, we were lucky!

Then Amelia Evans Makeup Artist jumped on board at 9:30am on Friday…and started Alexis’ makeup at 11:30am!

After a huge snow storm in Buffalo on Thursday the Couple didn’t think they would make their flight to Louisville, but they did with only a slight delay. The next morning they woke up, had breakfast at the Embassy Suites, walked to County Clerk’s office and got their marriage license. Then I picked up Alexis took her to get her wedding dress and then back to the Embassy Suites for hair/makeup. Natalia arrived to capture all the beautiful moments and the Couple was married around 1:30pm that afternoon in the indoor courtyard at the Embassy Suites. That afternoon they turned in their signed marriage license, went to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience downtown, and then had an amazing private dinner at Brendan’s Catch 23. The next day they explored Louisville (brunch at Gralehaus, cocktails at Proof) and then flew back to Buffalo. On Monday, Reggie flew back to Japan where he is stationed in the Air Force. Alexis has a few loose ends to tie up, but plans to move to Japan with her husband soon!

How’s that for an adventure in wedding planning? Louisville as an elopement wedding destination?? My wheels are turning…stay tuned.




Derby Breakfast / Bourbon & Biscuits

Derby 2016 is over and wedding season is official in full force in Kentucky. Event Warriors was honored to coordinated the 38th annual Derby Breakfast in conjunction with the 2nd annual Bourbon & Biscuits, hosted at Farmington Historic Home, benefiting the Historic Homes Foundation (HHF). HHF raises much needed funds for the preservation and education of 3 distinct Kentucky properties; Farmington, Whitehall, and the Thomas Edison House in Louisville, Kentucky.

Of course we are known for wedding coordination which is 95% of our business. However, we love events of all shapes and sizes! The Derby Breakfast / Bourbon & Biscuits took place from 9am-12pm under a perfectly blue sky (we ordered that!) under the Pavilion that is a permanent structure at Farmington along with 2 large tents by Reliable Rentals. Julep’s Catering took care of all the goodies; an extensive Southern Buffet and open bar in the $150 per person Derby Breakfast and a gorgeous variety of Kentucky’s finest biscuits with every topping and stuffing you could imagine at the $60 per person Bourbon & Biscuits event. Guests sipped, Southern Mary’s with Tito’s Vodka, Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon in many different forms (of course including the Mint Julep), and Mimosas with Wyatt Champagne.

Decor was provided by Pizzazzle Events (draping and Chandeliers) and Bittners and all floral design was provided by the talented Rose & Honey Florals. Gorgeous custom wood tables were donated by the brand new table rental company Table Matters (website coming soon! for more information contact Kristin with Don’t Forget the Flowers)

Our team took over all linen setup, volunteer training, check in responsibilities, along with vendor contact and confirmation, silent auction check out, and teardown. Our presence gives the Event Board more time to host their guests and donors so that everyone feels well taken care of while we worry about all the details of running the event.

Chapter 25 Photo truly impressed us with the way she captured this beautiful Derby Day. Here are a few for your FOMO pleasure:

Lindsey & Sean’s Wedding Film

Colburn Video completely hit it out of the park with Lindsey & Sean’s wedding video. I have said it before and I’m sure I will say it again, Videographers are soooo important! Without them we would not be able to relive the words from the ceremony (which as so perfect, by the way) or the wonderful toast Lindsey’s Step Father gave. Favorite memories from this wedding:

-Mickey: Lindsey & Sean’s loyal dog/baby that travels with them everywhere

-White Castle, complete with Balloons

-December weddings are gorgeous! This could be an advertisement for a Kentucky winter wedding!

-Lindsey: I want to be friends with this cool chic! She is the best and look how dang pretty she is!




Photography: Todd Pellowe Photography | Floral Design: In Bloom Again | Videographer: Colburn Video | Hair: Rebecca with Le Bliss | Makeup: Morgan Whitworth | DJ and Lighting: Masters of Music | Ceremony: St. Boniface Catholic Church | Venue: The Olmstead I Catering: Mastersons | Wedding Day Coordination: Weekend Wedding Warrior | Cake: Stir Crazy Cakes


Jenny & Darren’s New Years Eve Wedding


Jenny & Darren’s wedding was so much fun to be a part of. For such an extravagant wedding, this couple was more laid back than you would ever imagine. Jenny’s mom, Bev, took the lead in planning all the magical details. Fleur de Lis transformed the space into a Winter Wonderland. Myself and my stellar assistant, Jessica, coordinated and executed the wedding to perfection. Snow machine on the dance floor, check, New Years Eve Countdown projected on the ceiling, check. The Mother of the Bride was anxious that things wouldn’t be done fully (they had a not-so-great experience with a different wedding coordinator for her other daughter’s wedding). However, everything she asked of us was done before she thought to ask. Check out this great text on the day-of (“You guys are killing me! Perfection!”):






Videographer: Lifetime Films

Ceremony & Reception: The Brown Hotel

Photographer: Blue Martini Photography

Florist/Designer: Fleur de Lis Events

Cake: Mert’s Cakes


We HEART Wedding Vendors!

For the most part, we work alone in our home offices. Of course we are a team, but most of our communication happens over text and email. Therefore, when we have an excuse to get together, we’re going to make it happen! We recently hosted a Valentine’s Day inspired party for all of the Wedding and Event Vendors we worked with in the past year. We wanted to honor them for all of their love, support, and help. Truly, without other wedding vendors believing in us, we wouldn’t have a business and many Couples would never find us!

This reminds me not everyone knows about our Venue & Vendor Recommendation Add-On to our Wedding Coordination Service. It is completely different from anything else we’ve seen other companies offer and we want to make sure you know all about it!

Having knowledgeable, professional vendors (e.g. photographer, caterer, Band/DJ, etc.) is the best way to ensure you have a great team working for you on your wedding day. We know these local vendors; they are our Colleagues, our Weekend Warriors, & our Friends! We take pride in meeting with and learning about as many vendors as will have us. We keep detailed, shared notes on what it was like working with each vendor. Was their work great, but they were hard to get an email back from? Were they on time? Was the client happy with the product they received? We coordinated on average 50 weddings a year. Think 5-6 vendors per wedding. Maybe 1-2 overlap per wedding. That is still 200 different people we have come into contact and can answer questions about and speak to their work! AKA We know what’s up!

Our Recommendation Package includes an extensive meeting where we determine your taste and budget. Then we take that information and contact the most reputable vendors that are a good fit for you to check their availability. We never want to mention a fantastic vendor, have you fall in love with their work, and then have them NOT be available. Avoid the drama! You will receive a list of 2-3 vendors in each category (e.g. photographer, florist, etc) with their pricing information that are available and a great fit for you. Then you get to make the final decision! You can meet with everyone on the abbreviated list and make the final call on who is the best fit for you and your family. We don’t choose the vendors for you or give you a list with only one person to choose from because, well, it’s not our wedding. We want you to feel 100% about the vendors that YOU choose, but we also don’t want you to be totally overwhelmed with lack-luster options by googling “Wedding Photographer Louisville, KY”!

Wedding Coordination + Personalized Vendor Recommendation = Stress-free Wedding Day!



PS A HUGE Thank You to Farm to Fork Catering to supplying lots of savory, healthy, fresh apps for the party!

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