Food Network Star Damaris Weds in Louisville Kentucky


I first met Damaris at a mutual friend’s Birthday Party. She was the extremely funny and pretty girl passing around trays of homemade gourmet appetizers. Little did I know that she was then in the process of applying for the Food Network Star, a show where everyday contestants compete to get their very own cooking show on the Food Network. Of course, I watched every episode and cheered Damaris on as she went on to win the competition! Though I didn’t know her well, I like many Louisvillians, felt connected to her. Damaris’s show concept was all about teaching people to cook for their loved ones. Coincidentally, once her show was up and running my husband Eric was selected to be on the show to learn how to cook a meal for his pregnant (at the time) wife…Me! You can still catch reruns of my handsome husband explaining how much I supported him through is deployment to Afghanistan in 2008 (3 months after we were married) and how he wanted to learn to cook to give something back to me. It was their Thanksgiving episode and I cried while watching it…though that man still has not made me that meal (sorry Love, had to #realtalk), but he makes a mean hamburger on the grill!

A year or so after the episode aired I got a call from Damaris, she was engaged and wanted to see if I could help coordinate her wedding. I meet with a lot of engaged couples, and I have never been around a couple that acted more in love. They could not keep their hands off each other 🙂 They talked about all the amazingly unique, meaningful, and hands-on ideas they had for their wedding. They were going to incorporate so many personal details that I can’t list them all, but here are the one’s that stand out:

  • BYOF (Bring your own fork): Darrick had a dream that they ate every meal of their lives together with forks gifted to them by friends at family
  • Paper Cranes Everywhere: Darrick folded 1,000 paper cranes and hid them in their tiny apartment before he proposed to Damaris.
  • Damaris and her family made 10 different flavored cakes for the Dessert Buffet
  • The Couple collected all of the china, linen, and flatware from antique malls and the Flea off Market for a dinner for 235 people!
  • All the guests sat at one large table!
  • The Bride and a Groom came down the street in separate parades consisting of their closest friends and family to meet at the alter.
  • Trivia on all the dinner tables
  • A treasure hunt for all the kiddos (there were 20+)

I wish I could say that the wedding and all the details went off without a hitch, but at least I’m hoping the Couple was unaware of most blunders. It took our Weekend Wedding Warrior team of 3 people plus friends and family about 4-5 hours to setup all of the personal details and decor that the couple had gathered. And then it took about 5 minutes for us to run around like crazy people picking it all up because it started to down pour. This included 2 living room sets of vintage furniture, complete with rugs, by Southern Soiree. Oh and my favorite part was that at the exact moment the sky opened up (45 minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive) a police officer came demanding to see the Event Permit for the park (which of course I had, but give me a minute! I’m trying to save all this decor from been ruined by the monsoon!). Luckily, the rain didn’t last long and I jogged to my own Mother’s condo down the street to borrow a bunch of towels so that we could wipe off the seats for guests to sit in. Somehow by the time guests arrived we had everything back in it’s place ready to go. Serious Warrior team effort!

From that point on the wedding was a huge success. They had Bourbon Slushies and Margaritas by Frozen De’Lites and the guests sat on picnic blankets on the lawn and snacked on pimento cheese and benedictine from Lotsa Pasta. Shortly after, a vegetarian dinner was served Family Style by Wiltshire Pantry. The guests danced up a storm, ate ice cream from an ice cream truck, and then lit sparklers and paraded on to a local bar for an after party. We packed up all of the couple’s decor and details in a Uhaul and headed home to finally shower.



It was so fun to open of the Food Network Magazine 2 months later to see Damaris and Darrick’s wedding in print. The article did not have room for a complete vendor list so please see the list below and mentally applaud all their hard work!

  • Weekend Wedding Warrior (Maggie as Lead and Nikki & Katherine Assisted)
  • Wiltshire Pantry
  • DJ Bret Holsclaw
  • Hair & Makeup by Gina with Salon Bacco
  • Rental furniture from Southern Soiree
  • Tent and table rental from Reliable Rentals
  • Photography & Cakes by multiple family friends