Lisa & Nolan’s Yew Dell Gardens Wedding

Coordinated by Warrior Alicia

Photos by Todd Pellowe Photography

DIY Wedding Canvas “Guest Book”

Jessica & Jason are getting married on 9.3.11 at the Peterson-Dumensil House in Louisville, KY and I am the planner! We wanted a unique guest book for this teacher & painter couple, to go along with their “down home Kentucky” themed wedding. Here are the steps we took to make their beautiful canvas wedding guest book. And trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!

1. Gather your materials. In this case, we needed a 18×24” canvas, acrylic paints, graphite tracing paper, the original image (their save the date), a blown up copy of the original image (fedex kinkos did this for $4.50 in black and white), paint brushes, & tape. I got all the supplies from Hobby Lobby for under $40.

2. Lay canvas down with Graphite paper on top of it. Tape the edges down so that the paper stays in place.

3. Lay the enlarged copy of the original image on top of the graphite paper. I had the photo blown up to be 18” high so that it fit the canvas perfectly when it was in landscape.

4. Trace the image carefully with a pencil. A pencil helps you know where you’ve already traced.

5. Add personalization in the exact place you want it by cutting the names out and taping them directly to the graphite paper.

6. Once you’ve traced everything remove all the papers to reveal the lines on the canvas.

7. Paint in the canvas using a fine point paint brush

8. Ta Da!

9. Don’t forget to get paint markers in coordinating colors so that your guests can sign it! Then after your wedding hang it on your wall as a reminder of all your friends and family that attended your event!

To Love, Laughter, & Happily Ever After! 


Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC