We HEART Wedding Vendors!

For the most part, we work alone in our home offices. Of course we are a team, but most of our communication happens over text and email. Therefore, when we have an excuse to get together, we’re going to make it happen! We recently hosted a Valentine’s Day inspired party for all of the Wedding and Event Vendors we worked with in the past year. We wanted to honor them for all of their love, support, and help. Truly, without other wedding vendors believing in us, we wouldn’t have a business and many Couples would never find us!

This reminds me not everyone knows about our Venue & Vendor Recommendation Add-On to our Wedding Coordination Service. It is completely different from anything else we’ve seen other companies offer and we want to make sure you know all about it!

Having knowledgeable, professional vendors (e.g. photographer, caterer, Band/DJ, etc.) is the best way to ensure you have a great team working for you on your wedding day. We know these local vendors; they are our Colleagues, our Weekend Warriors, & our Friends! We take pride in meeting with and learning about as many vendors as will have us. We keep detailed, shared notes on what it was like working with each vendor. Was their work great, but they were hard to get an email back from? Were they on time? Was the client happy with the product they received? We coordinated on average 50 weddings a year. Think 5-6 vendors per wedding. Maybe 1-2 overlap per wedding. That is still 200 different people we have come into contact and can answer questions about and speak to their work! AKA We know what’s up!

Our Recommendation Package includes an extensive meeting where we determine your taste and budget. Then we take that information and contact the most reputable vendors that are a good fit for you to check their availability. We never want to mention a fantastic vendor, have you fall in love with their work, and then have them NOT be available. Avoid the drama! You will receive a list of 2-3 vendors in each category (e.g. photographer, florist, etc) with their pricing information that are available and a great fit for you. Then you get to make the final decision! You can meet with everyone on the abbreviated list and make the final call on who is the best fit for you and your family. We don’t choose the vendors for you or give you a list with only one person to choose from because, well, it’s not our wedding. We want you to feel 100% about the vendors that YOU choose, but we also don’t want you to be totally overwhelmed with lack-luster options by googling “Wedding Photographer Louisville, KY”!

Wedding Coordination + Personalized Vendor Recommendation = Stress-free Wedding Day!



PS A HUGE Thank You to Farm to Fork Catering to supplying lots of savory, healthy, fresh apps for the party!

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