Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator

Warrior Alicia and I (Maggie) had the pleasure of spending the night with our husbands at West Baden Spring Hotel last night. The wedding director at the hotel invited a group of wedding planners & coordinators from Indy, Northern KY, Louisville, & Lexington to show off the property and educate us on their meeting spaces. Not only did we get to tour the stunning properties of West Baden Springs and French Lick Resorts, eat the wonderful food, and stay in the lush accommodations…we also were able to bond and discuss with the leading wedding planners in the surrounding cities. The one topic that was consistently discussed was the role of a wedding planner vs a wedding coordinator. No matter what we call ourselves we all agree that brides, grooms, and vendors need more education in this department. So if you see a problem, fix it!

Wedding Coordinator – First think of the word “coordinate

transitive verb

1: to put in the same order or rank
2: to bring into a common action, movement, or condition : harmonize <we need to coordinate our schedules>
intransitive verb
1: to be or become coordinate especially so as to act together in a smooth concerted way

A Coordinator puts the pieces of a wedding together so that the event will be harmonious and smooth. Generally, coordinators are gathering information from the Couple and advocating for them through out the wedding. The Couple is planning the wedding, but the Coordinator is making it happen in a clean and structured way. Successful Coordinators can be hired as far out as 1.5 years before a wedding or as soon as 1 month before a wedding!

Wedding Planner – If a person calls themselves a Wedding Planner that means that they are planning the wedding. They are their throughout the entire decision making process to help the Couple make good choices. They have their hands in every step and they are generally helping with every element including design. A colleague was recently telling me that they were insulted to be called a wedding coordinator when they work their butts off for months and months not just putting all the pieces together, but helping to create the pieces as well. Wedding Planners generally like to be hired well in advance of the wedding so that they can be their from the beginning to the end.

So, which Couples need a Wedding Coordinator? – Wedding Coordinators are for Couples who want to plan their own wedding. They want to do the majority of the steps themselves, but they want a professional at the wedding to pull all the pieces together so that the Couple can enjoy their wedding.

Which Couples need a Planner? – A Planner is a great option for Couples who want someone to help them with every step of the wedding planning process. They want someone helping them choose their design, their vendors, menu, etc.

Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC is very confident in saying that we are Wedding Coordinators NOT Planners. We respect and love Wedding Planners! Often we refer Couples to Wedding Planners if they are looking for more than we offer. However, we are not nor do we want to be Wedding Planners. We just want everyone to play to their strengths and be respectful of others strengths. There are more than enough weddings to go around and there is plenty of room for both Coordinators & Planners in the wedding industry! We feel lucky that we were able to spend time at West Baden Springs with respectful and like-minded Planners who support us as Coordinators. They don’t want to do what we do and we don’t want to do what they do 🙂