Wedding Warrior Wisdom: Beef…it’s what’s for vendors?! Tackling the awkward subject of “vendor meals”

What’s a “vendor meal? It’s the meal that you give your wedding vendors (eg photographers, coordinators, etc) to eat during your wedding. Simple right?! Oh, you wish; some vendors take this topic very seriously. Generally your options are:

  • If you have a buffet or plated meal just add extra to your final head count to include your vendors.

pros: It’s easy on the couple…just do the math. From a vendor perspective, they feel included and loved by being honored to eat the same things as all the rest of the guests.
cons: It’s expensive! If your wedding meal is $35 a plate and you have 6 vendors (2 photographers, 1 wedding coordinator, 1 DJ, & 2 videographers) that adds $210 to your bill.

  • Give your vendors “boxed lunches”. This is generally $10-15 per prepared           and consists of a sandwich, chips, and sometimes a brownie (if we’re lucky!).

pros:It’s cheap! Also, it’s much easier on your vendors and catering team. There is no worrying about if the food is hot or if there is extra serving ware. Vendors are generally running around during a wedding and with box lunches they can eat wherever, whenever.

cons:Depending on your vendor…you can really offend someone and make your vendor feel like a “Second Class” guess who isn’t good enough to get the “nice meal”.

So what do I think?! I think vendors need to get over themselves. Yeah, I said it, and I do apologize if I offend someone, but reality check we are in the SERVICE industry. That means our job is to serve others. Weddings are not about us, the vendors, and if we aren’t helping we’re hurting. We should be thankful for what we are given and honored that we were chosen to be present on someone’s wedding day.

Yes, I get hungry and yes I love getting a hot meal, but if it saves my clients money then it doesn’t matter to me. I’m not at a wedding to eat, I’m there to coordinate it. I always keep snacks in my purse just in case and I never eat in front of my clients. Maybe I’m extreme, but I want to seem professional at all times; so that means that even though I haven’t eaten in 8 hours and a kind server offers me a crab cake appetizer from a serving tray during cocktail hour, I do NOT eat it! Weekend Wedding Warrior’s do not eat in front of clients, unless they insist, we do not drink alcohol, and we do not dance at weddings…If we did then we’d just be paid wedding guests. We’re not guests, we’re pros.