6 Dates for Quarantine

We are all spending lots of extra time with our significant others right now. But is it “quality time”??

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Here are six fun, low-key, (mostly) at-home date activities to try out when you’re craving some intentional quality time with your partner:

  • Create the ultimate movie/Netflix-binge experience. Well, let’s be real. We’ve probably all been doing our share of this lately. But think of how you could make it fun, special, or different. Maybe you make it a theme night. My family and I have being doing “Family Movie Nights” and ordering take-out that goes along with the movie and eating it picnic style on the floor of the living room. Subtract the kiddos and this would be a great date night 😉
  • Give an in-depth lesson. Take turns teaching each other about one of your favorite subjects or hobbies. Keep in mind that the “learner’s” engagement is key to making this fun. Recently my husband taught me how to use a power tool to help with a backyard project.
  • Have a picnic – whether it’s in your backyard or your bedroom. Cook or order in your favorite meal or build an appetizer tray from whatever is in your pantry. Make it feel special by dressing up a bit and playing some music for ambience. We love going to Cherokee park and find a spot on the lawn for picnic (just watch out for the ants)!
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset. Grab some coffee or a nightcap and scope out a spot with a view (even if it’s just the bay window of your living room). Reflect on the day ahead or behind you after enjoying nature’s colorful show. Share three things you’re feeling grateful for.
  • Take a hike. In most areas, outdoor activities are still encouraged as long as you practice social distancing. Scout out a park or hiking/walking trails near you and throw on your comfy shoes. Enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. My husband and I have our best talks while we are hiking.
  • Exchange gifts. This probably sounds like an odd one, especially if you don’t have a gifting occasion coming up – although do you really need one? You’re probably not going to go out shopping for one either. Here’s where the fun comes in! Create a gift out of things you already have around the house, hiding in a closet, or a box of old memorabilia in the basement. The thought- and creativity- is what really counts here.

Reference: Prepare Enrich Blog