Weekend Wedding Warrior offers one service and does it very well, Wedding Day Coordination!  We are determined to be the Master of One Trade, not a Jack of All. We are wedding coordination experts. We are not wedding planners and do not want to plan your wedding for you. We want you to plan your wedding, but we want to execute it on your behalf, so that you, your family, and your friends aren’t stuck working your wedding! You plan it, and we’ll make it happen!

You are spending so much time and money on your wedding day, ensure that you can enjoy it by hiring us!

Weekend Wedding Warrior was born not long after Maggie Heely’s own wedding. She, like many Brides, thought she had everything under control, and she did, until the actual wedding weekend! Everything was planned perfectly, but Maggie didn’t realize that at the rehearsal, everyone was still going to be asking her “Where to go?” and “What to do?” Maggie just wanted to be the Bride and start to relax. On her wedding day hair/makeup ran late which made them miss time for pictures before the ceremony, her Mother was sewing busted Bridesmaid dresses, and after the ceremony everyone ate before the Bride & Groom because the pictures were so behind. The thing that really sent Maggie over the edge was that when all the Bridesmaids were lined up to walk down the aisle, the first Bridesmaid turned around and asked Maggie, “Do I go now?”  Maggie was so excited to see her future husband that she could hardly even make a sentence let alone pay attention to the music cues. That is when Maggie thought, “This needs to be someone else’s job! You should be able to plan your own wedding, but then hand it over to a professional so that you can just be the Bride.”

When Maggie’s husband was stationed at Ft. Knox and they moved to Louisville, KY, Maggie decided to take a chance and do Wedding Coordination full time. It was important to her to start a company that was doing something completely different, not just another wedding planning company. In the beginning of 2010 Maggie began Weekend Wedding Warrior and started to spread the word. As Maggie suspected, she was not the only one who wished she could plan her own wedding, but have someone execute it for her! Couples quickly started finding out about Weekend Wedding Warrior’s wedding day coordination service and soon Maggie had more requests for weddings that she could handle on her own. She started to grow her team, so that multiple weddings could be coordinated on the same weekend and therefore multiple couples could have stress-free days! Maggie loves to travel so please contact her regardless of where your wedding is located.